Brandless launches subscription option

Brandless launches subscription option

Excerpts from an article by Corinne Ruff in Retail Dive

Brandless, a direct-to-consumer home essentials business, on Thursday launched a subscription option, CEO Tina Sharkey told Retail Dive in an interview. The startup, which launched mid-2017, ended 2018 with over 400 products in its assortment, and it plans to double its offering this year, Sharkey said.

The new service allows shoppers to receive certain products on a regular timeline of their choosing — weekly, monthly, twice a year or anything in between, Sharkey said. Each subscription box comes with a surprise gift.

Rolling out a subscription model is a convenience play for consumers who don’t want to think about reordering basics like paper towels, and it’s a savvy business move. It’s similar to Amazon’s popular Prime Pantry program, which has helped it outpace rivals in the household and personal care product spaces.

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