PeakCommerce for Recurly

PeakCommerce is a self-service platform that enables businesses to build, manage and optimize the revenue relationships with their customers. With an open line of communication and a range of self-service options, you’ll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention. 

PeakCommerce allows you to white-label the entire subscription experience with your website, to the portal all in a single integrated hosted application. Customers can now gain access to their accounts and see real-time data from both Recurly and other integrated applications like Salesforce and ShipStation.

PeakCommerce allows your customers to view their account status, update their billing and contact information, download previous invoices, change plans, cancel, postpone or reactivate their subscription.

Recurly Integrated Ecosystem.png

Account Login

Once logged in, customers can view and mange all of their account information, subscriptions, invoices, billing information, shipments, and more. 

Your Vanity URL will show a customer login page that includes a section to create an account. An account is created automatically when their first subscribe through the PeakCommerce checkout page.

You can also have your customers login with Facebook, a fully integrated login solution for ease of remembering a single login.

peak portal recurly login.png



  • Queries Recurly in real-time to present customer balance and information
  • Allows customers to pay current & past due invoices
  • Enables customers to update the credit card information they have on file
  • Customers can update their password
  • Allows customers to update their contact information
  • Utilizes Recurly.js framework to maintain PCI compliancy for all credit card updates.



    • Provides customers an easy interface to update or renew their existing subscription 
    • Enables customers to switch plans, upgrade, downgrade, pause, re-activate, or postpone their subscription.
    • Gives customers the flexibility to change their shipping information on a per-subscription basis. 
    • Enables customers to have multiple subscriptions under a single profile.
    • Provides added flexibility for shipping details such as T-Shirt Size or other attributes pertinent to the subscription.


    • Provides customers an easy view of orders, invoices, and payments
    • Enables customers to see order status a direct link to the tracking number once the items have shipped** 
    • Enables customers to see and download invoices in real-time
    • Enables customers the ability to see all payments made
    • Mobile friendly interface for easy viewing on any device


    ** Order information is available with the shipstation integration.



    • Using Recurly.js, we created an easy to use customizable shopping cart page fully integrated with the portal and Recurly.
    • Coupon code functionality supported during checkout
    • Shipping fees supported during checkout
    • Continue as a new customer, existing customer, or sign in with Facebook.
    • Apple Pay now supported


    • View and administer user accounts in real time
    • Reset passwords, establish new accounts, delete users
    • Manage Recurly integration settings and redirect URLs
    • Customize email communications from the platform including signup, password reset, account verification, and more
    • Enable Integrations with ShipStation, Facebook and more



    • Vanity URL (e.g.
    • Company Logo
    • Background Color (full stylesheet)
    • Google Analytics
    • Chartbeat Analytics
    • Payment Page Settings
    • Sign in with Facebook


    • Option Payment Form Fields
    • Shipping & Handling Charges
    • Phone Number
    • VAT Number
    • Editable Quantities
    • Coupon Codes
    • Gift Card Redemption Code

    Streamline the customer self-service experience

    within your Recurly EcoSystem