The Digital Journey Monetization Platform — B2X

Give each subscriber what they came for... and get everything else out of the way.

One Platform. Unlimited commerce journeys

What if you could shape the subscriber journey to fit each and every one? Make any distraction magically disappear along the way? It’s a thing. And it’s called Digital Journey Monetization.

Tailored Commerce Journeys

The open architecture, tools and APIs make it simple to localize and contextualize. Get data insights to tailor content, promotions, pricing, payments and products for specific audiences.

Multi-Locale Management

Straight out of the box, you can do global business virtually anywhere. In fact, we connect with multiple billing systems and by-proxy have over 50 payment gateway connections around the world.

End-to-End Order Management

Creating the best online subscription experience possible is our strongest point. We’ve even earned kudos from both clients and industry experts.

Partner Channel Management

Can your e-commerce partner channel keep up with product innovation? Now you can sell subscription licenses B2B and through resellers.

Grow revenue and relationships with a completely connected digital subscriber journey

Personalize engagement with subscriber-centric commerce

Unify data, personalize every interaction, and grow revenue across channels with automation.

Connect commerce to the subscriber journey

Convert more subscribers and drive loyalty with a seamless digital journey from marketing to sales, commerce, and beyond.

Adapt quickly with an agile, scalable, and secure platform

Innovate at the speed of your customers, scale easily across the globe, and meet any level of demand.

Streamline impactful user engagement

Increase revenue, productivity, and engagement across channels.

Why Digital Journey Monetization

Remove any obstacles from the subscriber journey automatically.

Adapt each journey to your individual subscriber.

Put everything in place to keep each journey on track.

Pave the path to purchase so less journeys are abandoned.

What It’s Like on the Inside

Reacts in Real Time
Logic Based Journey Optimization
Predicts and Adapts the Journey

Journey Monetization Engine

Data Layer

Collects all the data. Automatically gathers mounts of non-PII data on subscriber behavior, website, product, device, product catalog, and environment.

  • Journey Data
  • Behavioral

  • Transaction

  • Engagement

  • Browser & Device

  • Website & Content

  • Business Needs
  • KPI’s

  • Product Catalog

  • Pricing

  • Brand Perception

  • Network
  • Subscriber Patterns

  • Product Trends

  • Price Sensitivity

  • Industry Benchmarks

  • 3rd Party Data
  • Loyalty Points

  • Custom Segments

  • Proprietary Data

  • Financial History