Intent-Based Promotions

Replace generic promotions with in-the-moment individualized incentives.

Enterprise-ready Promotion Engine

Run any type of journey promotion

Simplify the customer journey with no-codes promotional campaigns. PeakCommerce tracks your visitors and validates journey structure against pre-set promotion rules.

For even better ROI, create clever product bundling campaigns to supercharge up-selling and cross-selling.

Introduce time-limited tiers to make your automatic promotions both engaging to subscribers and scalable for your business.

Attribute driven promotions

Drop generic discounts in favor of targeted promotions based on any 3rd party data.

Get more creative with dynamic geofencing and custom promotion rules.

Use different discount effects and apply promotions to the whole order, individual items or only to the cheapest/most expensive charges.

Make promotions more personal

Secure your campaign spending upfront with budget and redemption limits by targeting segments, locations, products, and orders using any sales data. But that’s not all – build custom conditions using custom fields (metadata).

PeakCommerce lets you run a variety of campaigns:

  • Amount and percentage discounts in any currency
  • Discounts only for the cheapest/most expensive items
  • Fixed order and item discounts
  • Dynamic discounts based on custom attributes

Administrators can do it all

Administrators have the full administrative capability to build unlimited unstoppable journeys, customize the theme of each hub, and enable logic basic configurations for specific buyer intent.

Make your journeys unstoppable

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