Careers at PeakCommerce

Hi there. We’re PeakCommerce. We’re powering Self-Service in the Subscription Economy and changing the way people interact with your business.

While we are led by one CEO, our career paths and the ways we work are defined by us, the Peak Performers. That means we take ownership of our destiny. Challenge the status quo. Be empowered yet accountable in seizing opportunities. Together, we build a collaborative culture that nurtures and inspires Peak Performers to deliver our best. From monthly social-themed parties, hackathons, and philanthropic endeavors, to choosing how each of us grows professionally – Peak Performers are not afraid to speak up and get things done quickly.

And we’re growing. We’re looking for game changers, innovators, and leaders who can take us to the next level in helping the world build successful subscription-based businesses.

Interest piqued? Check out what could be the next best opportunity for your career.

A Few of the Perks

Growing companies attract and retain top talent by offering excellent benefits – medical, dental, vision, 401(k) plan, free snacks, and drinks. Peak Perfomers also enjoy other perks – many suggested, voted, and driven by Peak Performers across the company. Here are a few examples:


Staying Active

An active body keeps an active mind. We enjoy financial support for gym memberships and a wide variety of fitness events driven by Peak Performers and their interests.

  • Subsidies to a wide variety of gyms

  • PeakPortal sponsored running races, basketball, soccer, softball leagues, Krav Maga, or lead your own activity!

  • Office walking groups

Supporting Peak Performers Outside of the Office

Life in the office is exciting but we recognize and value the challenges, adventures and joys outside of work. Peak Performers appreciate parenting leaves, paid time off, and much more to spend valuable time with family and friends.

  • PTO & Holidays

  • Extended Maternity and Bonding Leaves

  • Flexible Work

  • Telecommute Program


Living Healthy

It’s all about being as proactively healthy as possible, right? At no cost to Peak Performers, our offices frequently host health-oriented programs and events.

  • Nutritionist 1:1s

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Healthy Food Weeks

  • Flu Shots

Having Fun Together

We enjoy working together, but we also make it a point to have fun, too.

  • Hack-a-thons

  • March Madness Brackets

  • Halloween Costume Contests

  • Holiday Parties

  • Company Picnics

  • World Cup Viewings

  • End-of-Quarter Team Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (and parties!)

  • Themed Catered Lunches

  • Team Socials and Offsites


Giving Back

We encourage and support giving back to the communities we work and live in—it’s the Peak Performer way. Whether it be a financial contribution or a donation of time, we make it easy for Peak Performers to make a meaningful difference.

  • Local food banks

  • Meal kitchens

  • Community restoration projects

  • Family giving trees

  • Races for charities

  • Multiple Myeloma Foundation


The journey of learning and lifelong development empowers us to create our own future. From monthly company all-hands meetings to leadership and technical training courses, Peak Performers continue to grow professionally in the way that makes the most sense to them.


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